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Top 10 Boarding Schools in Chandigarh for Admissions 2024-2025

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Top 10 Boarding Schools in Chandigarh for Admissions 2024-2025

Chandigarh, the capital of the northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana, is a meticulously planned and architecturally significant city. Designed by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier in the 1950s, it serves as a symbol of modern urban planning and innovation. Known for its orderly grid-like layout, well-maintained gardens, and avant-garde buildings, Chandigarh offers a unique blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. The city is also renowned for its high standard of living, excellent educational institutions, and vibrant cultural scene. 

As a Union Territory, Chandigarh is a model of governance efficiency and continues to attract visitors and residents alike with its charm and functionality. Moreover, the city is home to some of the top ranked boarding schools in Chandigarh known for their holistic approach. Keeping that in mind Skoodos has curated a list of top 10 boarding schools in Chandigarh for 2024 – 2025, that provide quality education along with excellent boarding facilities, nurturing students for a well-rounded future.

List of Top 10 Boarding Schools in Chandigarh for Admissions 2024-2025


The New Public School

The New Public School, Chandigarh, is a visionary project initiated by the Late S.H. Singh, dedicated to the pursuit of quality education and character development. The school is one of the top boarding schools in Chandigarh. The school's motto emphasizes not only academic excellence but also the nurturing of noble virtues and a spirit of continuous growth. Recognized as a Minority Educational Institution, it is committed to providing top-notch residential facilities to students, ensuring their well-being and focus on studies. With separate hostels for girls and boys, a strong emphasis on hygiene, security, and a conducive learning environment, the school prioritizes the holistic development and safety of its students. The hostels offer amenities such as healthy dining options, medical facilities, hobby classes, and dedicated study spaces, making it an ideal place for students to thrive academically and personally.

Guru Nanak Public School

Guru Nanak Public School, one of the best boarding schools in Chandigarh, is a nurturing institution that fosters the rationalization and maturity of its students. Established in 1974 and formally inaugurated in 1976 by Giani Zail Singh, the school boasts a 16-acre campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It offers a rich learning environment with smart classrooms, science and 3D labs, digital math and English labs, an extensive library, IT labs, a Medicare unit, hostels for boys and girls, spacious activity halls, an open-air theater, and lush green sports facilities. Managed by a dedicated governing council, GNPS is where students' dreams flourish and where discipline and hard work are instilled as the keys to success.

St. Jude's School

St. Jude's School, founded in 1994 by Mr. & Mrs. R.V. Gardner, distinguished educationists, offers education from Playgroup to ISC (class XII) as a registered co-educational Anglo-Indian institution. The school's vision is to provide a modern and well-rounded education that instills a sense of vocation and a spirit of service to the country. St. Jude's places emphasis on academic excellence while nurturing students' extra and co-curricular pursuits, promoting quality learning over quantity. The school is committed to developing integrity, initiative, and courtesy in its students and prioritizes community welfare and equal opportunities for all. St. Jude's School strives to foster habits that produce law-abiding individuals dedicated to giving back to society.

St Xaviers Higher Secondary School

St. Xavier's Schools, established by Mr. Andrew John Gosain and a group of distinguished Christian Educationalists, embody the motto "LIVE FOR OTHERS" by providing meaningful education to people of all backgrounds in Chandigarh. As one of the top ranked boarding schools in Chandigarh, the school is renowned for their excellence in academics, sports, cultural activities, and holistic human development while instilling values of respect for nature, diversity, and non-violence. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, including well-equipped science and computer labs and libraries, St. Xavier's caters to students of all abilities, emphasizing English medium education delivered by convent-educated teachers. The schools are a testament to the commitment of the International Christian Education Foundation, a society founded by experienced educationists, to contribute constructively to the nation's education and development.

Stepping Stones Senior Secondary School

Stepping Stones Senior Secondary School, founded by the Stepping Stones Education Society in April 1984, is dedicated to fostering the holistic growth of children in a rich and nurturing environment. The school's commitment is to produce inquisitive young minds eager for knowledge, supported by modern facilities like smart classrooms and a digital library. Besides academic excellence, the school places a strong emphasis on developing essential life skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork, and empathy. Stepping Stones aspires to be one of the best boarding schools in Chandigarh, nurturing a bright future for the nation through quality education and character development.

Chitkara International School

Chitkara International School (CIS) has embarked on an impressive journey, characterized by intellectual excellence, innovation, research, global industry connections, and a commitment to futuristic education. Accredited by the Quality Council of India and acclaimed for its commitment to quality school governance, CIS has earned recognition for its emphasis on hygiene practices, securing district-level awards and a top 50 school ranking in India. CIS stands out as a beacon of global education, fostering innovative, critical, and reflective thinking in its students, thereby preparing them for a bright future. The school is also one of the top boarding schools in Chandigarh for studying.

Yadavindra Public School

Founded in 1979 under the guidance of Maharaja Amarinder Singh, Yadavindra Public School (YPS) in Mohali, Punjab, traces its roots back to the Aitchison College in Lahore. Maharajadhiraj Yadavindra Singh's vision for quality education, irrespective of caste, creed, or color, led to the establishment of YPS Patiala and YPS Mohali. YPS Mohali, an iconic educational institution, has grown from its humble beginnings to become synonymous with Mohali, offering excellent facilities, a diverse curriculum, and a focus on holistic student development. With over 1,800 students and a dedicated faculty, it boasts top-notch academic and sports infrastructure, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for its students. All of this makes the school as one of the best boarding schools in Chandigarh for admissions.

St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School

St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School, a prestigious institution in Chandigarh, is celebrated for its commitment to quality education, social service, and holistic development. The school has garnered multiple awards, including 'The Best School for Quality Education,' 'Swachh Vidyalaya,' and 'The Best Eco Club.' With a well-equipped transportation system, dedicated staff, and a focus on nurturing talent in sports, music, and dance, St. Joseph’s offers a comprehensive educational experience that instills discipline, leadership, and a sense of responsibility in students, preparing them to become conscientious global citizens.

Brilliance World School

Brilliance World School, one of the top ranked boarding schools in Chandigarh, is situated on a lush 5-acre campus, dedicated to nurturing the children of the next millennium. Recognized for its exceptional academic environment and scientific teaching methodology, this renowned school offers classes from Pre-primary to Secondary levels, ensuring a holistic educational experience. With a focus on character development and quality scholarship, Brilliance World School is committed to providing world-class education. Their dedicated teaching faculty and state-of-the-art facilities make it a top choice for parents seeking a promising future for their children in a conducive learning environment. 

Gurukul World School

Gurukul World School, ranked among the top boarding schools in Chandigarh, adopts a practical approach to student development. The school offers a secure, joyful, and continually evolving environment for today's generation. Gurukul World places great importance on preschool education, with its attractive pre-primary wing called Cocoon, designed to engage young learners in nurturing and progressive activities. Cocoon provides a warm, colorful, and welcoming atmosphere where children learn through playway methods, fostering independence, inspiration, and intelligence. The school's innovative teaching methodologies, including digital lesson plans delivered through interactive touch screen boards, aim to make learning engaging and enjoyable, reinforcing its unique position in the best boarding schools in Chandigarh. At Gurukul World School, every child's individuality is treasured and nurtured.



In conclusion, Chandigarh stands as a city of promise and opportunity in the realm of education. With a focus on providing holistic development and academic excellence, the list of Top 10 Boarding Schools in Chandigarh by Skoodos showcases a commitment to nurturing young minds, empowering them with knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the future. As parents and students embark on the journey of educational choices, Skoodos remains a beacon of hope, offering a wide range of educational options that celebrate diversity, embrace innovation, and inspire growth. 

Published on: 30 Nov 2023
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