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Top 10 Heritage Schools In India for Academic Year 2024-2025

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Top 10 Heritage Schools In India for Academic Year 2024-2025

India’s vast potential for education is a global requirement to make the world a beautiful and sustainable place to live, grow and succeed. Indian education culture is much on its way to achieve the transformation levels of being Global Education Superpower by complementing international education systems with its world famous GuruKul tradition and cultural heritage. Heritage schools in India carry forward the education requirements through highly enabled teaching and learning environment for children at a historical location of culture, art, traditional diversity. There are some great school that began in the era of Indian freedom and British Raj.

Top 10 Heritage Schools in India


St George’s Anglo (Indian Higher Secondary School), Shenoy Nagar Chennai

St. George’s Anglo Higher Secondary School is one of the oldest heritage schools of the country. The school premises used to be the ‘male orphan asylum’ and was formed in the year 1715 and is affiliated to the Anglo Indian Board of Education. The school has a lot of space for extracurricular activities, equipped modern library, computer lab and sizable classroom environment that increases the level of concentration through vibrant and promising teaching and learning echo from classroom activities. The school provides equal opportunities of learning to students from the diverse cultural and socio economic backgrounds. The K12 school has the reputation for nurturing students with strong skills and values to succeed in the competitive world. The schools collaborative method of teaching by balancing academic and extracurricular learning ranks the schools among the top 10 heritage schools in India.   

Dalhousie Public School, Dalhousie

In pursuit of education and all around excellence the school came into existence in the year 1970.The school’s built in the foothills of DhaulaDhar range of Himachal Pradesh, India and at an altitude of 7,000 feet. The school’s building was originally used by the British Army as a place of retreat for soldiers. It is now one of the India’s top places of education. The place is now a student's town who arrive at the charming destination to attain quality CBSE board education from Nursery to Class XII. The school is attended by students from all over the country and hence the boarders and day scholars enjoy the beautiful learning environment and cultural diversity of the school. The focus of the schools is on pure academic achievements and also on developing the overall personality of the students. The school inculcates attitude for being successful in all spheres of life and career. The entire diet system of the school is automated to ensure maximum hygiene control.   

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

Bishop Cotton School is the first public school in India and the oldest boarding school in Asia. The 21st century School stands tall with British Heritage and Global outlook. Bright future is ahead with the school that is formed in the year 1859 located in the heart of Shimla hills. The school is perfecting the cause of education for Age group 7 to Age 18.The clean air is supported by a healthy environment for health, sports and education. The school was formed by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton, was a scholar at Westminster School and a graduate of Cambridge University. As Bishop of Calcutta, Mr. Cotton had conducted a ceremonial start while introducing the idea of opening a school at the hill station. The Anglo Indian Heritage of the school is embraced by the 21st century education outlook of the country that is forward looking, diverse, democratic and vibrant. The CISCE school is technically up to class X and then the ISC. The school is now offering Cambridge board for 2024 to enable international opportunities for students.

Bishop Heber Higher Secondary School, Trichy – 1762

Bishop Heber Higher Secondary schools is one the best schools in India in terms of attaining education excellence and achieving education foundation goals for students and learners. The school became a high school in the year 1864.Building of a better tomorrow begins with this heritage and promising school in Trichy, India. The school establishment and history is more than two century old providing sound academics with the inclusion of extracurricular and co-curricular development activities. The State Board School provides state of Art facilities to its students that include smart classrooms, art room, innovation, library, science laboratory, indoor and outdoor sports facility, playground, canteen and many more. Students can take admissions from from Class 1 to Class XII. The old historical building has the blend of ultra-modern education facilities.

The Cathedral And John Connon School, Fort, Mumbai

The school's idea took place as a Grammar school that was visualized by Bishop Harding and the Cathedral Chaplain in 1860.Atter going through several evolutionary processes the present day school has six sections and it is regarded as one of the best schools for girl’s education in India. The school practices integrated approach till grade VIII and after offers multiple curricula based choices from ICSE and ISC board and also offers international board curriculum -IGCSE, IBDP and AP. The schools has global perspective of education also has various tie ups with several international programmers, Harvard Model United Nations in the USA, EU minds in the Netherlands, London Science Youth Forum in the U.K., Sunburst Youth Camp in Singapore.

Campion School, Fort, Mumbai

Campion School was established in the year 1943 and functions under the Bombay Campion High School Society. The CISCE School offers quality education within the historical campus that has seen the ups and downs of our freedom struggle in Bombay, presently Mumbai. The school focuses on students career counseling at all levels of education. The liberal system of education is focused on developing the profile building of the student. The skill development criteria has been there since the inception of the school. Emphasis of Art, Music, Sports and Drama enables the student’s greater heights in their real life. Everyone enjoys education within and outside the school premises. Campion school is a Boys school founded by the members of the Society of Jesus.

St. Johns Vestry Anglo Indian School, Tiruchirappalli (1763)

St. John's Vestry School is one the oldest schools in Tamilnadu. The school was established by the British and the building of the schools was used as an orphanage. It is missioned by the Church of South India. The schools campus is wide and has a separate building for the Montessori students. The State Board Co ed school offers a dignified education model for all its students that is based on the development of the students character enabling powered knowledge to meet the futuristic challenges through resilience, intent, and trust. The school is from Montessori to Class XII.

St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata      

St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata was established in 1860 by the missionaries of the Society of Jesus. All boys school’s alumni include the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore and the former Indian cricket captain Sourav  Ganguly. Known as Harrow on Hoogly St. Xavier’s collegiate school is one rare school that hosts annual international student exchange programmers with reputed Irish and Chinese education institutions. The school is affiliated with ICSE/ISC as well as West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The students are offered to choose from the two. Indian Culture and love for art, literature, sports and science is common at the school and has many active clubs such as computer club, nature club, Bengali cultural club, leadership training service. Christian life community, debate club, and film club to foster learning and leadership qualities.

La Martiniere For Girls School, Kolkata 

La Martiniere for Girls School Kolkata was established on 1st March 1863. Major General Claude Martin, Frenchman was a generous Major General who led the mediation for East India Company with the Oudh Empire. He laid the foundation stone for the two schools. The other one was established as La Martiniere School for Boys in Lucknow. The La Martiniere School logo was designed by the founder himself. The logo is supported by the seven flags that resemble the journey to India after crossing the adventures of the seven seas. The school has certainly one of the oldest heritage sites for schooling in India. The Canons placed within the school campus brings closer to the glamour of the school's history. The ISC Girls School has always focused on educating the girl child and building the character that will contribute to a progressive and more equitable society. The school is highly ranked and is one of the best schools in India.  

Loreto House, Kolkata

Sisters of Loreto from Calcutta took the initiative of establishing the school in 1843, belonging to the inspirational and holy institute of Blessed Virgin Mary. Loreto House is affiliated to the ICSE and ISC Board and is meant specifically for Girls. The school is the most happening school of the region and is well known for its cultural day observations and celebrations related to Indian traditions. The schools has built its status of one being the best schools in India due to diverse reasons that relates to the classrooms, academic buildings, green backgrounds, technology enabled education curricula, women empowerment focus and vocational training centers that engages, develops, empowers the abilities of the students. Teacher training centers, Social and Cultural cells bring new developments to the school’s overall excellence.

Published on: 12 Nov 2022
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