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Understanding Exam Stress in Children

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Understanding Exam Stress in Children

Understanding Exam Stress in Children

Exams are measured through responsive skills and can have a bountiful impact on scholars' lives. It can lead and force to bring changes in the paradigms of life, practices, behaviours, environments, and lifestyles. A child's success depends upon the performance in online and offline examinations which has a lot to do with a child's own experience of schooling, the quality of the environment, and for preparation of exams with the assistance of parents and school management.

Causes of Exam Stress in Children

  • Stress and anxiety have been common phenomena among learners and need to be prevented from the beginning of their education life.
  • Young learners are curious and understand things in a better way and try to give more importance to leading a healthy and eventful life. May not be able to do it due to lack of guidance and environment, feel stretched.
  • In recent times children have the knack of getting addicted to digital classrooms and online internet locations which leads to stress on the eyes and does not offer the natural experience of education like the voice of the teacher, exchanging natural communications with classroom friends, and more.

There are many other common causes of stress that needs attention such as

  • Personal difficulties
  • Conflict with loved ones
  • Being and feeling alone
  • Lack of emotions to understand things better
  • Worries about the future 
  • Understanding problems to create a balance of life in school and home
  • Competition threats
  • Fear from exams, teachers
  • Parents response fear
  • School goers fear
  • Feeling lacking something
  • Over ambition
  • Anger, feeling tired, crying a lot
  • Classroom understanding issues
  • Physical Weakness
  • Pressure of Studies
  • Disability
  • Nutrition, inability to answer even after knowing the solutions are some of the common problems faced by children.

Coping Strategies for Exam Stress in Children

There are easy steps to learn and implement measures that can be taken and used further for just a few minutes each day to help reduce stress. 

  • Practising through the routine yogic exercises, and using the learning in the days in between.
  • If you are a parent, it's important to interact, activate your child’s positive frame of mind and the same thing applies to the teacher. 
  • Thus, it's important to stay motivated and respond positively with, practice empathy to bring complete success to your child.

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Importance of Parental Involvement

  • One needs to be wise and honest with life to be loving, attentive, committed, persistent, responsible, calm, caring, protective, and courageous.
  • Such values describe your personality, your relationship with the world, and how you want to treat yourself while communicating with others and the world around you.
  • A value-based life system is always successful in bringing affinity in relations and creating a better scope to understand others and also helping in guiding your child towards health, and well-being.
  • We need to stop blaming the child for anything that he is not able to understand and follow. It's better to listen to the child, do activities and play with them.

Practical Activities to Reduce Exam Stress

  • Children seek regular attention whether they are in the classroom, and preparing for exams can be a myth. 
  • Many children want to learn and study themselves because that is the way for them.
  • We can provide them with opportunities and facilities to lift their emotions, inspire their skills, and spend quality time with them.
  • Catch up with the behavioural changes of the child and solve their problems in real-time. Many children do not like to answer when they feel overburdened with their studies.
  • It's better to bring humour to enable the exchange of moods and make him feel better about the future perspectives for focusing and preparing for exams.
  • Plan an outstation visit or likewise to make the child feel better and be sure that you complete your tour with your child can be valuable, memorable and bring more trustworthiness and balance of life.
  • Practising Yoga is the regular answer to any problems to remove stress. 
  • Playing music or enjoying lively television, or enjoying lively television, or comedy, and health programs can bring your child out of all stress patterns.

In this way, the child will learn faster about what needs to be done during stressful times. Come up with a successful plan bringing new innovative ways to evolve through physical & mental excellence, peacefulness, and balance in mind, body, and soul.

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Encouraging Hobbies and Self-Defence Training

  • It is always better to follow hobby and self-defence masters to remove the insecurities from life. Self-care is important in terms of personality building and character development.
  • Reading interesting books is a great hobby to overcome stress. On many occasions kids tend to forget their problem by finding a right solution by reading meaningful books.
  • Children like gardening, play music instruments; learning music makes them feel better on all occasions.
  • The child should be able to communicate the present state of mind to the right person at the right time which will bring a perfect state of affinity between school life, parents, exams, personal life and for more.

Seeking Help from School Counsellors

  • Getting stressed about exams is not a new thing. Nowadays schools are furnished with counsellors of all types. 
  • The objective is to assist the students and discuss with parents at every stage of a Child's problem, giving a life, acceptable, and interesting solution.
  • It consists of PTMS, Counselling Sessions, Yoga, and measures are also taken from the spheres of extracurricular activities, etc. 
  • Their advent of the new child psychology parameters are set within the curriculum of the schools and parents have an active role to play in the child's overall development bringing more satisfaction, and happiness and forging ahead anti stressful environments.

By incorporating these practices, parents and teachers can create a supportive environment that will help students manage exam stress and perform their best. It is important to remember that every child is unique and may have different coping mechanisms, so it is important to communicate with them and find what works best for them. Visit the website for more information Skoodos.com.

Published on: 22 Apr 2023
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