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World Heritage Day

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World Heritage Day


The World has learned alot from the monuments that adorn our world, telling us the stories of magical feats our ancestors achieved and to celebrate this, the day of 18th April every year is celebrated as the International Day of monuments and sites, or more commonly known as World Heritage Day.


India celebrates this day by commemorating the rich and diverse cultural heritage we have the fortuity of living in. It is the most important task for the elders of our country to get the younger generations acquainted with the heritage and culture of our country, and also inform them about the importance of preserving this monuments and cultures in their natural form.


The World Heritage Day was named by ICOMOS or International Council on Monuments and Sites in the year 1982, and has since been tasked with coming up with new themes and for this special day each year. This year the theme is Heritage and Climate, aiming on how the heritage sites can be preserved in an environment friendly and sustainable way, so that the damage on climate is least. This theme encourages people to come up with ways to preserve history while securing a healthy future for our Kids.


Skoodos wishes all a very Happy Heritage Day, a day that celebrates preserving the history and accepting the changes.


Published on: 18 Apr 2022
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