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Building a Strong Foundation: Find the Best Preschool for a Bright Future

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Building a Strong Foundation: Find the Best Preschool for a Bright Future

Thinking about a school that cares for infants, toddlers and older children, peek a boo school is the right choice . Parents look for an ideal destination for their child to start their pre primary educational voyage. There is an uncertainty that prevails to get a right school for the young ones.

The prevailing trend suggests that a lot of important aspects lead to successful education programs at the initial level. The schools are now more focused on engaging the child and encouraging them to an overall development of mind and body. It involves an excellent curriculum planning through cognitive and non cognitive ways of teaching  to develop one’s education skills from the very beginning. 

Peek A Boo school is different through its diverse pre primary education action plan for the kids who deserve special attention from day one. The school implements a unique combination of Montessori and Playway method that develops the gross motor and fine motor skills. The objective is to inculcate value based and a holistic education approach that enables the child to develop the basic learning skills for the future.

School is one of the most important place for pre primary child care and learning options through easy digital medium as well as innovative teaching methods .

The school provides Childcare support  in all ways. Peek a boo PlayWay method suggests that the students are happiest when they are taught while playing which enhances the mental abilities. Teachers play an active role in inventing new ways to teach alphabets, their pronunciation. Numbers , basic maths activities.Science experiments, dramatic play , Puppetry , Role play , And much more ….

Peek A Boo  is a chain of schools that strives to provide a strong foundation as their motto is cubs today lions tomorrow .

The school solves the parents' problems through its easy location transfer possibilities as the school has its presence in Dadar West also.Removing the hassle for finding a new destination for the child. 

Ms. Sangini Lalwani is the Director owner, Deepali Darshini the founders  of the premium institute that is dedicated to provide a quality learning environment by using an innovative learning approach that is compatible with the child’s requirements of education and builds upon the confidence, imaginative skills and willingness to learn.

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Published on: 12 Aug 2022
School Coverage
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