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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Rajkot for Admissions

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Rajkot for Admissions

Rajkot is a place of royal antiquity in the state of Gujarat, India. Falling a place at the center of Saurashtra, the city is busy with its business houses, and offices, buzzing with fashionable lifestyles through skilled and extraordinary citizens of the region. Rajkot is one the cleanest city in India that contains primarily large and small-scale industries that contributes largely to the economy of Gujarat state. The parents of the city are learned, festive and skilled for their profession and believe that education is a must along with other developments catering to the traditional, cultural, economically beneficial skilled successful studies approach. The school fraternity of the rich town responds through high-quality innovation and touching base with all modern educational facilities.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Rajkot


S N Kansagra School (SNK) 

The S N Kansagra School is one of the most technologically advanced schools in Rajkot having created its disruptive technological ecosystem” SCHOOGLE”(The Galaxy Education System) that is embedded in every aspect of the education system, and infrastructure amenities. The teachers of the school are learned and meet all necessary standards including education and mingling of smarter technology-based simulation that is enjoyed by each student of the school. The lush green and wide campus area lures the students to stay fit and stay involved with all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities including dance, hobby, robotics, and codification chapters.SN Kansagra is one of the best schools in Rajkot and is also the oldest, day boarding CO ED, CISCE school of the region starting education from KG to Class XII.

Rajkot Public School

Rajkot Public School is an ISO-certified institute that is ranked one of the top 10 schools in Rajkot. Each activity of the school is planned as per the requirement of children such that students achieve the joy of learning new things without putting an extra burden on their learning system. The CBSE School begins from Pre-primary and carries up to Class XII of highly enabled teaching and learning. The school is the next home of the children including babysitting and a playhouse facility. The swimming activity at the school begins at an early age. Equal emphasis is given to the learning of English, Gujarati, and Hindi languages. The school has a high inclination towards organizing competitions for various skills, hobbies, and extracurricular activities. This modern and state of art of school is spacious and technologically equipped for all types of education requirements.

Virani High School

Virani High School is highly ranked for its educational achievement, extracurricular fitness, and collaboration with reputed organizations such as The British Council and ePals.Better known to be Shree Shamji Virani Multipurpose High School is a Gujarati Medium School that is the only technical school and also one of the oldest schools in Rajkot. The school is one of the best schools in Rajkot as it lifts the skills and spirits of education through the teaching and learning communities that keeps adding value to the school education practice.

The school's curriculum is divided into Nursery, Primary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary. The school was established by the freedom fighters as the school is the symbol of National Unity and Harmony.

The Rajkumar College

The Rajkumar College was established in 1870 and is the oldest K12 School in the country. The school was established by the Royalists of Kathiawar in 1968. The college is the founder school of the Indian Public School Conference established in 1938 along the dignified lines of the British Public School education system. The mini society, education, social atmosphere, and interaction with international education make the students highly energetic and successful in real life. The school is ranked as one of the best schools in Rajkot. The newly turfed international standard North Ground established in 2017 attracts students to show their talent in track and field.

The Squash Court of the school was established in 1870 giving real-time excitement to learn the sport. The CBSE Boarding and day Scholar school begins from Nursery and extends up to Class XII. School life brings new developments in students' overall happiness of extraordinary education facilities with sports and fitness programs.

Modi School, Ishwariya

Modi schools in Rajkot have ample space, playgrounds for Class 1 to High School, and Senior Secondary Education requirements. The CBSE school primary program is meant to include a formative education system that is focused on the development of fine gross and motor skills. The learning environment of the school makes the children enjoy learning from a highly inclusive teaching and learning centered ecosystem. The vibrant campus is spread out over 4.31 acres, opens the scopes of a wider spectrum of learning activities, and explores limitless possibilities of transformative learning with expressive and confident boys and girls.

Modi School is ranked as one of the best schools in Rajkot that provides the modern quest and touch base for enthusiastic cultivation of modern education improvements at magnitudes. This is a Day and residential school for boys.

Podar International School

Podar International School is a digitally enabled CBSE school in Rajkot that surpasses the expectations of parents through its caring and easygoing learning environment. The learner's focus is beyond the classroom peripherals and the students are given ample opportunities for educational day tours to various destinations near the school. The school ranks in the Top 10 schools in Rajkot due to the world-class faculty who inspire, mentor, and coach students for various requirements in their qualitative academic journey. The school is equipped with world-class projectors, drones, and 3D and virtual reality systems to harness the objectives of technology education.

Trained coaches for sports and a comprehensive curriculum ensure an enriching experience for kids. Podar education group was established in 1927 and has educated more than 2, 00,000 students across the country who are now well-established in all spheres of life. The school begins its education services with Play Group sections and carries them up to the secondary level and beyond.

Sinhar Foundation Parimal School

Parimal Schools is run by the reputed Sinhar Foundation and achieves excellence in school education through ultra-modern facilities through audio-visual, smart learner’s classrooms that enable easy learning. The school celebrates all Indian traditional customs and cultural occasions including teachers' day, children's day, and annual day ceremonies. Teachers, students, and school management are actively involved in all the events and put in every effort to make their experiences memorable and flourish throughout their lifetime. Yearly picnics, learning tours, and adventure trips contribute a lot to the overall development of the child. Students can learn new things and enjoy moments of happiness amidst nature.

Children spend the majority of their time in school which is not only meant for academics. The school organizes activities like Science fair, Yoga Day, Drawing and Craft Competitions, and Traditional and Western Dance Competitions. Parimal School is a Gujarati Medium from KG to Class XII was established in 1984 and is ranked one of the best schools in Rajkot.

The Northstar School

The Northstar School is the best option for parents who are looking for the best international and skill-based education for their children. The Northstar learners engage in life skills and creative activities such as Horticulture (Gardening), to acquire a scientific understanding, get closer to nature, and know about labor. Experiential learners develop skills to learn from nature while guided by skilled teachers. The school's Mallon book club program makes reading enjoyable for students from various age groups. The Noesis Philosophy empowerment program is meant for knowledge enhancement that is free from all bondages. The North star is one of the top schools in Rajkot and easily the best Cambridge Assessment International School in the country. The school offers international NEY, NEX, and NDS Programs from Grades Playschool to Grade 12. North star Montage film club is the dominant source of storytelling, expression handling, ideas, and opinions. The school is transforming students to nurture the ultimate connections with real-life learning and experiences.

Green Wood International School

The Greenwood school offers multiple intelligence academic programs to its students that are not limited to the school's academic boundaries. The CBSE School has the Greenwood Sports Academy which consists of Mahesh Bhupati Tennis Academy, MS Dhoni Cricket Academy, International size football ground, and more to engage the students in various co-curricular activities. The school provides homelike care facilities for students yet a stimulating and challenging environment to develop skills. The school is regarded as one of the top-ranked schools in Rajkot that offers a highly energetic environment for education from pre-primary to Class XII.

St Paul's Rajkot

St. Paul's Rajkot is a co-educational catholic school that is affiliated with CISCE, New Delhi that focuses on developing the ability to complete and compete with educational endeavors. Good students are the treasure of a nation and are a real wealth of academic inheritance. The school has multiple laboratories set up for all subjects and supports students to achieve all levels of fitness and proficiency in sports, arts, and drama. The St. Paul's school is one of the top schools in Rajkot offers a highly student-friendly learning atmosphere giving its identity as one of the top-ranked schools in Rajkot. The school offers education from KG to High School.


Published on: 19 Dec 2022
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