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List of Top Best Schools in West Bengal for Admissions

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List of Top Best Schools in West Bengal for Admissions


When a child is turning older to be sent to school, parents have to do the major task of finding the right educational institution. Since most schools now offer kindergarten to senior secondary classes till Grade 12, it is important to make the right choice as the child will learn all their essential learning there. Many things have to be considered when deciding upon a school such as location, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, facilities, educational methods and so on. Today, we have got you a list of the top 10 schools in West Bengal with essential information. Every parent wants their child to attend the best level of education, so here are the best schools in West Bengal, to narrow down your choices.

List of Top Best Schools in West Bengal


Loreto House School

Loreto House School Established in the year 1842 by Mary Ward, this is a Catholic girls’ school in Kolkata. Offering classes from Nursery to XII, the school has all the necessary infrastructure for holistic learning. It is one of the top ranked schools in West Bengal, affiliated with the ICSE and ISC boards. With an aim to serve others and contribute to society, the school involve students in some kind of social work from Class VI. Students are encouraged with moral values and ethical thinking. The school aims to provide the best of Indian and Western values, as well as the ancient and the progressively modern.

St Xaviers Collegiate School

The St. Xaviers Collegiate School is one of the top schools in West Bengal affiliated with the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education along with following the ICSE curriculum. Established in the year 1860, it is a minority institution but now accepts boys of all religious denominations. It is a boys’ school and students have consistently held top ranks on the ICSE boards. With a world-class campus that provides state-of-the-art learning facilities, the school also has digital learning to keep up with the changing times. It has different action groups or social clubs to foster essential values among all students.

Griffins International School

A school that ignites young minds to innovate and inspire others, Griffins International in Kharagpur is a top-ranked school in West Bengal. It is a co-ed school, affiliated with the CBSE board and has classes from Nursery to Grade XII. The school has won numerous awards for academic excellence. Equipped with all modern infrastructure and digital learning, the school also lays equal emphasis on cultural activities, as a pathway to teach students about our varied cultural diversity. The school also has cultural, sports and educational clubs to cater to the differing interests of every child.

Asansol North Point School

Managed by the Parvati Educational Society, Asansol North Point school affiliated with the CBSE board located in Purba Bardhaman. Established in the year 2005, it has classes from Nursery to Grade XII. Striving for the academic and overall development of every child, the school is equipped with all the necessary amenities and has a trained staff that pays attention to detail. Recognizing the challenges of the next stage, the school prepares its students through different activities around the year. It is one of the top 10 schools in West Bengal if you aim for the complete development of your child.

Calcutta International School

Serving both the local and expatriate community of students, Calcutta International School in Anandapur, Kolkata offers a safe and secure environment for students to grow within a cosmopolitan culture. With modern infrastructure, trained staff members, and small class strengths, it ensures every child’s potential is recognized and tended to. Affiliated to the Cambridge Assessment and authorized by the IB board, the education emphasizes experiential learning, collaboration, analytical reasoning and logical understanding. It is one of the top 10 schools in West Bengal when it comes to imparting comprehensive, student-centred education compatible with international standards.

St. Michael’s School

Located in Durgapur, St. Michael’s School is a premier co-ed institution for kindergarten to high school students. Established in 1996, it fosters a second home for students, providing them with love, care and guidance and helping them to evolve into responsible adults. Affiliated with the ICSE board of education, it is divided into two categories I.C.S.E (Class X) and I.S.C (Class XII). Students can choose their desired subjects at an early age as Class VIII and focus on what they want to learn. So it is indeed one of the best schools in West Bengal. The school has all the modern facilities such as a multipurpose hall, AV room, auditorium, library, and sports facilities.

BDM International School

A co-ed CBSE school, the B.D.M International School was established in 1966 to set a new benchmark in education by providing the finest learning experiences. The school does not believe in linear methods of teaching but blends academics with practical knowledge and students are taught in an experiential environment. The curriculum has been designed in a way to encourage students to play, perform, experiment and interact. One of the top 10 schools in West Bengal, it encourages students on a journey of self-discovery but also through awareness of local and global environments.

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Gems Akademia International School

The school aims to develop all its students into well-rounded and self-dependent individuals, by inculcating a passion for life-long learning, compassion and respect for others. Gems Akademia International School in Rasapunja Kolkata is an ICSE school that also offers boarding facilities to suit the needs of the child. Learning through innovation emphasises recognizing their natural abilities, nurturing them and helping them step out of their comfort zone to acquire new skills. The school’s core values of growing by learning and global citizenship make it a top-ranked school in West Bengal.

Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

The list of the top 10 schools in West Bengal will be incomplete without including this name. The Lakshmipat Singhania Academy follows the CBSE curriculum and offers classes from preschool to Class XII. Equipped with the regular subject laboratories, the school also teaches other interest-catered courses like fashion studies, robotics, tinkering lab etc. Students are taught life skills and value lessons to grow into well-informed future citizens. The school aims for integrated personality development with a curriculum embedded in technology.

Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School in Ruby Park, Kolkata is managed by the Om Daya Educational and Research Society. It aims to uphold the highest standards of excellence in all spheres of education as well as co-curricular activities to mould the next generations to face the challenges of the 21st century. It is a CBSE school with classes from Nursery to XII. The school nurtures students to grow into leaders of tomorrow while also imbibing them with traditional values. One of the best schools in West Bengal, it trains children for the competitive exams for their collegiate admissions as well.


This list of top-ranked schools in West Bengal will help you make the right choice about where to admit your child. Other than these reputed names, you can also look at Welland Gouldsmith School, Ryan International School, Calcutta Boys School, St Michaels School as well. Check out our website to find the latest details and make a comparison on all of them.

Published on: 02 Jan 2023
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