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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Chandigarh for Admissions 2024-2025

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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Chandigarh for Admissions 2024-2025

Chandigarh is one of the most developed and planned towns in India and Asia. The eminent markets and sectors of the city have the latest inclusions and advancements from world business and hypermarket scenarios. It is the home to various governmental offices, bank institutions, management institutes, and medical colleges. Panjab University established in the year 1882 is one of the most recognized and prestigious central universities in the countryCBSE and international board schools are a necessity for the highly talented children of the town who often want to choose an international destination for their after-school education and profession. 

Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Chandigarh


Roots Country School, Panchkula

Roots country school offers a happy and secure environment for its students. The school accepts students as they are, and prepares and adds value to the youngsters to become the moral leaders of their future. The modern school offers a bias-free education environment that fosters mutual respect between genders. The children of the school learn to lead together respect and learn to help each other in every way possible.

Every student is required to complete the requirement of qualitative education through creativity, activity, and service. The Root School develops the student's mind for attaining a global mindset complementing the extensive range of leadership and service opportunities. This new CBSE Co-Ed Day school is ranked one of the top CBSE schools in Chandigarh and imparts education from Nursery to Class 7.    

Sherwood Convent School

Sherwood Convent School has a Daycare wing, Day Boarding School, and provides a Residential school campus from Pre Nursery to Class 10. The school presents itself as a home for the physiological, physical, and mental development of children. This co-education CBSE school was established in the year 1990. The school is governed by the Sherwood Convent Education Society.

The teacher-student ratio is 1:25 ensuring quality education and attention to every child in the class. The highly qualified teachers offer personality development classes while the school enables kids to render equal attention to sports and other extracurricular activities. The school is ranked one of the best schools in Chandigarh due to its infrastructure and childcare methodologies.    

St Joseph's School

St.Joseph's School is a leading CBSE institute for schooling in the city. The school is focused on developing international student skills and qualities that lead to overall success in real-life. The school has been a winner in national competitions for Excellence in Education and maintains an extraordinary ecosystem for learners. The school motivates its learners through an inclination toward aesthetic learning and that's why it is regarded as one of the best CBSE schools in Chandigarh. The schools follow the traditions of the 21 st century encouraging lateral, creative, and innovative thinking of the child to develop a holistic personality of the child.

The school explores and shapes the wealth of knowledge that is innate in every child through smart learning systems, sports facilities, cultural activities, and expeditions. The school works from pre-nursery sections class 12 offers many avenues to develop skills that are considered important to build on the personality of the child. The school offers excellent hostel facilities with state of art home-like living facilities through a caring environment.              

Sacred Heart Sr Sec School

Sacred Heart School was formed in 1968. The recent vaccination campaign by the school was immensely popular among parents and children. The Co-Ed CBSE school offers innovative education from Nursery to Class 12. The Schools Act of Kindness program gets the immediate attention of the children to get involved in creating social activities like sharing fruit, sharing books, clothes, and copies. Career counseling is provided to the individual students as per the children's strengths judging by their performances in classroom activities and also through their interest levels in extracurricular dimensions.

The school is ranked as one of the Top ranked CBSE schools in Chandigarh and is run by the famous Seraphina Education Society that brings new interaction possibilities for the school students by inviting iconic celebrities from various professions to motivate and prepare the students for the real world.        

Carmel Convent School

Carmel Convent School was established in the year 1958 and is affiliated with CBSE Board offering girls' education from LKG to Class 12. The stimulating education system of the school attracts young learners to understand their skills while interacting and doing activities. The school equally fosters the creativity and curiosity of the child through various experiential learning programs. The school is ranked one of the top-ranked CBSE schools in Chandigarh inspiring and empowering girls to lead real-world communities. Education at the school enables students to get access to a wide range of challenging academic and non-academic activities. The school is ideal for girls who get confident and courageous while getting acknowledged worldwide for their extraordinary qualities.

Ryan International School

RIS is one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Chandigarh offering an inclusive and diverse learning environment. The rigorous education programs activate the sense of a lifetime learning experience. The school's academic superiority is through creative classroom pedagogies, cross-cultural communications, sports, cultural activities, and innovative learning methodologies. The school believes in inspiring students to become active forces in shaping the future of the world with their qualities, skills, and sustainable interests. The school begins at the nursery level and continues up to Class 12 motivating students to become virtuous world leaders and citizens. The school also offers online education and admissions to its students. 

Shivalik School

Shivalik Public School was established in the year 1968 that educates children and also care for them. Teachers are the best friends to their students offering children individual support in academics and beyond. Emphasis is given to developing the international character of the child will instill good behavioral qualities and become an honest citizen of the future. The SMART approach to education begins in early states itself through Smart Classrooms, Science Labs, Maths Labs, interactive blackboards, sports strips, personality development labs, Atal Tinkering Lab, and more. The school offers experiential education from Nursery to Class 12 and is respected as one of the Top 10 CBSE schools in Chandigarh.        

St. John's High School

St John's High School is a Boy's English Medium CBSE board school that offers education from Nursery to Class 12. The school teachers follow an experiential learning approach to understand the students in a modern context and guide them in their plans through their skills. The school provides state of art sports facilities to its students that are up to date. The school's Creative Learners Integrated Program promotes creative learning abilities. Johnians for Justice program identifies global problems with its motto "Walk the Talk". The school has a learning center and counseling cell that provides learning aid for children having special needs. The school finds a place among the best CBSE schools in Chandigarh for its outreach programs, clubs, and academic activities.  

Bhavan Vidyalaya

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans Bhavan Vidyalaya is one of the best CBSE Board Co-Ed schools in Chandigarh. The school has a unique way of teaching through the cultural diversity of the country, unity of faith, and spiritual programs. Each child of the school is facilitated to overcome the individual obstacles striving for holistic education. The school has been ranked first in the year 2020-2012 for Academic Reputation as per ranking by Education World. The school's experiential focus is on the student's exploring learning abilities and creative problem-solving skills. High-quality after-school life is provided to the students through clubs, sports coaching, cyclothons, excursions, and social empowerment programs.

Saint Soldier International School 

Saint Soldier International School brings a new familiarity with child education. This CBSE school has a tremendous focus on child development from the early stages making children learn better under all circumstances of real life. The co-educational school was founded in the year 1973 and is being managed and run by the Saint Soldier Education Society. The school has an everlasting focus on the child's overall development in each session of a classroom. Experienced and fun-oriented activities engage the students on the right topics of learning and education. The school begins with Pre Nursery sections and continues up to Class 12. The extracurricular activities of the school include cultural events, club activities, the school's social interaction programs, field excursions along with many more activities.



There are a large number of top schools in Chandigarh to choose from, we have listed the top 10 schools in Chandigarh. Here are few more emerging schools in Chandigarh like, Crb Public School, Saint Kabir Public School, Chitkara International School , St Annes Convent School , vivek High School , Saupins School, Ajit Karam Singh International Public School  and more.

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Published on: 11 Feb 2023
Top 10 CBSE Schools Top Schools
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