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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Jodhpur for Admissions 2024-2025

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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Jodhpur for Admissions 2024-2025

Jodhpur, also known as the "Blue City" for its indigo-hued houses, is a captivating blend of rich history and vibrant culture. As the second-largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is renowned for its majestic forts, opulent palaces, and traditional handicrafts. 

The city's architectural marvels, such as the imposing Mehrangarh Fort and the intricately designed Umaid Bhawan Palace, stand as testaments to its royal heritage. Jodhpur's bustling markets, bustling with colourful textiles, intricate embroidery, and exquisite jewellery, offer a glimpse into the city's artistic legacy.

Amidst this tapestry of cultural heritage, the city boasts a dynamic educational landscape, with several best CBSE schools in Jodhpur nurturing the young minds. 

Parents and guardians seeking the best education for their children can explore the top 10 CBSE schools in Jodhpur for admissions, ensuring a promising and enriching learning journey for the young learners of this culturally rich city.

List of Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Jodhpur


Bodhi International School

Established in 2014, Bodhi International School (BIS) stands as one of the top ranked CBSE schools in Jodhpur, offering a comprehensive and transformative educational experience. With a commitment to fostering curiosity, creativity, confidence, and compassion, BIS provides exceptional academic education, co-curricular opportunities, and pastoral care to students of all backgrounds and faiths. The school's holistic approach celebrates individuality and supports students in realizing their intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social, and physical aspirations. Unique in its offerings, BIS provides a diverse range of curricula, including International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, CBSE, IGCSE, and Cambridge, all under one roof.

Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls Public School

Nestled in the historic city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School (RKK) stands amongst one of the best CBSE schools in Jodhpur for learning. Founded on 20th July 1992 by Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji II to fulfil his mother Rajmata Krishna Kumari’s dream, the school is a remarkable English medium Day cum Boarding School. Inaugurated by Her Majesty the Queen of Nepal, it is administered by His Highness Maharaja Hanwant Singh Ji Charitable Trust, with Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji of Marwar as the Chairman of the Board. With co-education facility till Class V, the Senior Secondary Girls School caters to students from across the country and is affiliated to CBSE. Under the dynamic leadership of the Principal, Mrs. Neera Singh, RKK takes pride in being ranked amongst the Top 3 Girls’ Day cum Boarding Schools in India. It is a proud member of Round Square, AFS India, The Indian Public Schools’ Conference, British Council, and IAYP. RKK's motto, "Schooling for Life," reflects its dedication to providing true and holistic education, shaping tomorrow for the students.

Mayoor Chopasni School

Mayoor Chopasni School embarked on its educational journey in the academic session of 2012-13, with a commitment to nurturing young minds through experiential learning, observation, hard work, and dedication. The school's focus lies in fostering creativity, encouraging students to 'create' rather than 'copy,' and empowering them to take charge of their learning. Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, the school follows a comprehensive evaluation system, combining formative and summative assessments. Technology-intensive teaching is a cornerstone, with interactive digital whiteboards and smart class knowledge centers enriching the students' learning experience. Under the guidance of trained educators and a dedicated program administrator, Mayoor Chopasni School provides world-class teaching methods, preparing students for a promising future.

St Pauls Senior Secondary School

St. Paul's Senior Secondary School, located in Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur, is a distinguished institution operated by the Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Society, Ajmer, in Rajasthan. Under the guidance of Diocesan Fathers, the school offers English medium education and prepares students for the All India Secondary School Examination (Class X) and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII) conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. Committed to nurturing the talents of its students, the school provides various avenues for all-round personality development, fostering intellectually adept, emotionally mature, and socially responsible citizens for India's future. The school is amongst the top schools in Jodhpur for admission.

St Austins Primary School

St. Austin's School, located in Shakti Nagar, Jodhpur, has been a symbol of academic excellence and holistic personality development since its establishment in 1987. With a strong emphasis on values, ethics, and hard work, the school aims to enhance each student's academic performance significantly from the time they join. Founded under the chairmanship of Lt. Gajendra Kumar Kachhwaha, an esteemed educationalist, St. Austin's School is dedicated to listening to and focusing on every child, ensuring a nurturing and enriching learning environment.

Euro International School

Euro International School, one of the best CBSE schools in Jodhpur, offers an enriching and stimulating environment that continuously challenges learners to think differently, question fearlessly, and create independently. Equipped with smart class technology in each classroom, the school promotes collaborative and active learning, emphasizing "Learning for life.". Since its inception in 2009, Euro International School has grown with exuberance, providing education under the CBSE and Cambridge IGCSE affiliations, fostering independent and creative thinking skills among its students.

Sardar Doon Public School

With a proud history of 124 years as a school of excellence, Sardar Doon Public School is dedicated to providing high-quality education with a focus on cognitive and skill development. As a co-educational CBSE affiliated institution, the school embraces cutting-edge technology for a world-class teaching-learning experience while staying rooted in traditional Indian values and culture. Equipped with smart classrooms, Wi-Fi-enabled computer labs, a digital language lab, and a vast online library, the school empowers students with the latest educational technologies. Additionally, the Robotics Lab, Abacus, and Vedic Maths programs foster technical creativity and a strong foundation in mathematics.

Noble International School

Established in 2002 with a vision of contributing to nation-building through world-class education, Noble International Senior Secondary School has flourished into a leading educational institution in Jodhpur and nearby areas. Affiliated with RBSE since 2003-04, the school has grown in both infrastructure and stature, gaining recognition as a trusted brand in the region. Additionally, the institution has successfully developed NIS WORLD, a prominent Playgroup school adhering to international standards. All of this makes the school stand out as one of the top ranked CBSE schools in Jodhpur.

J N Memorial School

Established in 2002 as a tribute to late Shri Jamna Narayan Poswal, J.N. Memorial School, also known as Jamna Narayan Edu. Institute, is committed to providing affordable and high-quality education. With an emphasis on a holistic approach and student well-being, the school has built a strong bond with parents, creating a conducive environment for quality education. Offering education in both English and Hindi mediums, the school caters to approximately 1500+ students, ensuring a nurturing academic journey for every child.

B. R. Birla Public School

B. R. Birla Public School in Jodhpur, established in 1993 under the guidance of Late Shri S.K. Birla Ji, is one of the top CBSE schools in Jodhpur for studying. With a multicultural and inclusive approach, the school aims to nurture each child individually and prepare them to be global citizens. It offers a comprehensive learning environment, including state-of-the-art facilities, extensive co-curricular activities, and sports to ensure holistic development. Emphasizing values and cultural heritage, B. R. Birla Public School strives to empower its students as great thinkers, successful learners, and future leaders, ready to face the challenges of the world.


Summing Up:

In conclusion, the city of Jodhpur presents a captivating blend of cultural heritage and educational opportunities. As families embark on the journey of finding the top 10 CBSE schools in Jodhpur for admissions, they can rely on the curated list provided by Skoodos, India's number one search engine. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and commitment to providing quality education, Jodhpur stands as an ideal destination for nurturing young minds and shaping future leaders.


Published on: 07 Sep 2023
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