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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in West Bengal For Admissions 2024-2025

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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in West Bengal For Admissions 2024-2025

The state that keeps art, education, and tradition foremost. West Bengal has a flurry of educational thoughts that can create, and revolutionize the future of education at any moment. When it comes to CBSE schools the state has many options for parents and students who enjoy valuable state of art education throughout their life. When it comes to CBSE Board education institutions the state ranks as one of the best in India. The school offers numerous options for educational excellence and extracurricular opportunities.

List of Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in West Bengal


South Point High School, Kolkata

South Point High School is one of the best CBSE schools in West Bengal adhering to the best standards of holistic development of the child. The school is run by South Point Education Society marked with splendid milestones and known for setting academic records. The school is one of the first schools to be affiliated with the state board of education. The school finds a place in the Guinness Book of  Records for maximum student admissions. Now the students appear for the Board examination through the CBSE system. Undoubtedly the school has an equal focus on extracurricular activities with nursery playrooms, Mind Growth Program, Laboratory Engagement Program, CCA Sessions, Sports Practices, and more. The school efficiently runs the program from  Pre Primary Sections to Class 12 while interacting with parents on all occasions.

Indus Valley School

Indus Valley School is the leading CBSE institution in West Bengal that offers a smart education system since the inception of pre-primary sections up to class 12. The school uses various experiential learning modules that benefit every student in the class to develop skills and acumen for their future. The school provides robotic classes that encourage students towards  STEM subjects ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

This enables the students to learn in their way and in their comfort.  Extracurricular training and sports facilities are provided to keep up the physical standards along with cultural inclusion. The institution is regarded as one of the best CBSE schools in West Bengal involving parents with their child's school life. The school has many branches in the state.

Adamas World School, Barrackpore Road

The school creates a positive impact through its integrated approach consisting of physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and personality development. The school achieves pedagogical improvements through its continuous skill development-appropriate approach. Every child is groomed as per the requirements of age and curiosity levels. The school has one of the best technology-driven curricula and introduced an innovative syllabus.

The school has a state of an art library, science laboratories, and a career guidance cell. School sports initiatives have done wonders for students who like to play, learn and have fun. The school faculties hone individual skills through active participation in academic and co-academic skills. The Co-Educational English Medium institution is regarded as one of the best CBSE schools in West Bengal that builds a strong culture of diversity and culture.

Aditya Secondary School, Dum Dum

The CBSE Board school provided the best innovative learning approach through app-based learning. The school is run by the Dum Dum Education Society through nature-friendly campuses with extensively facilitated hostels for girls and boys. The school begins with Pre Primary Sections and carries up to Class 12 balancing education tryst with skills, tradition, sports, and cultural activities. The journey of education is successfully defined from the toddler states to the higher levels and has made students achieve every success in real life. The school is widely respected and considered one of the best CBSE schools in West Bengal.

Asansol North Point School

 The school is successfully run by the Parvati Education Society which has wide experience in the schooling spectrum. The Co-educational English Medium School is focused on holistic and overall personality development. The school keeps up the child's schooling experience through  Academic Competitions, Yoga, Swimming Activities, Volleyball, Joy and Happiness, Dance Competitions, Football, Arts and crafts, and more. The school begins its education facilities from Pri Primary sections to Class 12.

The school promotes the spirit of inquiry to foster a scientific understanding of things in the real world through extraordinary and creative curriculum framework and teacher support. The institute is regarded as one of the best Schools in West Bengal helping students grow and get prepared for every challenge in advance.

Beachwood School Durgapur

The next-generation school is co-educational, English Medium, and affiliated with CBSE Board. The school starts with Playgroup and continues its innovative education up to class 12 and is ranked one of the Top 10 CBSE  Schools in West Bengal. The STEM-based education platform for students makes them feel confident and smart. The school's faculties have the facility and access to unlimited training resources. The sports and extracurricular infrastructure brings students closer to exploring their skills, creativity, fitness, and problem-solving schools.

Lake Point, Kolkata

The Co-Ed English Medium CBSE Board school has been recruiting the best teaching faculties implementing cutting-edge technologies for leadership. The school imparts education from pre-primary sections to higher standards. The school has innovated a new ecosystem that creates better interest in education topics and beyond. The school teaches students to be liberal, responsible, intelligent, and smart in the context of real-life challenges. Every child is trained in equal parameters that are understandable to all backgrounds of children, creating diverse opportunities to learn. Institute is regarded as one of the Top 10 CBSE schools in West Bengal facilitating students to attain high-class education, and career focus in the scientific learning environment.

ZENITH World School, Sultanpur

The eco-friendly school is CO-ED and follows CBSE Board Education. The school is appropriate for students who want to achieve and explore education for achieving the next generation's education success. The school has a pollution-free environment making education easy, understandable, and enjoyable. The school provides individual student counselors to harness positive attitudes in all walks of life. The institution is ranked one of the Top CBSE schools in West Bengal caring for overall growth and success.

The co-scholastic facilities have many opportunities for students to develop their physical personality, creative problem-solving skills, STEM, and beyond. The school institute imparts education from Pre Primary up to class 12. The real focus of the school is to develop the curiosity levels in the child with the assistance of parents.

Pride School, Baidyabati

The school stands as one of the best options for children who are looking and deserve to focus on qualitative education from an early group. The school opens the door to success and paves the way for ultimate success in real life. The CBSE Board school is COED, English Medium achieving experiential education objectives through uniquely planned global objectives. The school is leading the way through educational innovation, inspiring success, growing by learning and empowering global mind prospects.

The school psychologically developed a program that has a strong sense of creating self-worth and compassion toward human diversity in the general world. The institution is regarded as one of the top-ranked CBSE schools in West Bengal and leads from the front with its infrastructure, sporting facilities, and play areas.

Bethany Mission School, Rupahar

The CBSE Board school follows the NCERT curriculum and offers the best education infrastructure from KG level to Class 12. The co-educational English Medium institution is one of the Top ranked CBSE schools in West Bengal. The school brings a special emphasis on arts, and science for the students through an interestingly designed curriculum making success easier and enjoyable. The ecosystem of the school makes the students experience the natural way of learning things through practical open classes.

The school organizes many functions and programs to elevate the skills and explore the talent of the students for better self-understanding knowledge of things. Children can learn to act, dance, and attend yoga classes for fitness dexterity. The school provides all subject laboratories to assist the education pattern of children.



Here are few more emerging schools in West Bengal like: Mayoor School Siliguri, Dav Public School, Delhi Public School, Hem Sheela Model School, St Michaels School, Guru Teg Bahadur Public School.

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Published on: 09 Jun 2023
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