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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Patna for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Patna for Admissions 2024-2025

Coming out of the coronavirus pandemic, schools have once again, started operating under normal conditions. And this year, most schools around Patna have launched their admission process, inviting students to enrol for the academic session 2024-2025. With offline classes scheduled to be held soon, it is high time to get your ward admitted to one of the best schools in Patna. And if you are still looking for schools to enrol your child in, here are some of the top schools in Patna that are devoted to helping your child prosper in their academic and co-curricular development.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Patna


B D Public School

Established in 1992, the B D Public School in Buddha Colony is undoubtedly among the top-ranked schools in Patna. With its first graduating batch passing out in 2003, B D Public School has remained a premiering co-ed institute and has been offering knowledge to children from nursery to grade XII. Currently, B D Public School is affiliated with the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) board and is run under the banner of Buddha Vikash Samiti.

Other than the robust faculty members to guide the students, the school also boasts pristine facilities, including air-conditioned smart classrooms, two well-furnished libraries, computer rooms, indoor and outdoor sports arenas, and reliable transportation services. At B D Public School, the academic and personality development of each student is given the utmost priority under the very able guidance of the honoured principal of the school, Smt. Madhwi Kumari.

Radiant International School

Situated in the Raghurampur area of Patna, Radiant International School is easily one of the top choices among parents to admit their wards in. At the Radiant International School, your child will be privy to education, that they can retain for life, from world-class educators. In addition, the excellent faculty at Radiant International School believes in helping each student grow a unique outlook of the world and aims at fostering their personality through optimism, logical thinking, and perseverance. Radiant International School is known for its attention to educational excellence and follows the current CBSE curriculum.

International School

Operating since 1993, International School in the Patliputra Colony of Patna has been one of the most renowned schools in Patna. This co-educational school follows the latest CBSE curriculum for the academic progress of its students. Besides academic achievements, International School also focuses on helping its students improve their interpersonal skills and identify with their talent in co-curricular activities to reach their full potential in every way.

Gyan Niketan Senior Secondary School

Established in 1986, Gyan Niketan Senior Secondary School is clearly and well-deservedly ranked among the top schools in Patna. The school is located in Danapur, Patna, and welcomes an impressive number of students to its family every year. Since its first graduating batch in 1990, Gyan Niketan Senior Secondary School students have shown impeccable progress in terms of academics and co-curricular activities over the years. This co-educational school hosts the latest amenities for modern teaching, as well as a spacious playground to encourage its students in character-building activities like sports. The school also offers hostel services for students enrolling from nursery to grade XII from far-off places. 

Don Bosco Academy

The name Don Bosco doesn’t need any introduction since the school is well-established all around the world. Don Bosco Schools have become synonymous with quality education and are a household name all over India. Don Bosco Academy in Patna is a day school that was established in 1973. This reputed school in Yadav Colony is clearly one of the top 10 schools in Patna. This school is available to students from all backgrounds from Grade IV to Grade XII and follows the new CBSE syllabus. As a co-ed school, Don Bosco Academy offers pristine facilities for imparting knowledge to all young minds. The motto of Don Bosco Academy is to devote itself to God and the Almighty and they follow it religiously.

Goethals Public School

A healthy academic atmosphere that avoids discrimination based on gender is what Goethals Public School aims for. A co-educational institute for girls and boys alike, Goethals Public School has operated since 2001 and has shaped young minds through equality and mutual respect. In addition to a board of excellent faculty members, Goethals Public School offers all modern amenities for imparting knowledge, such as air-conditioned smart classrooms, trustworthy transportation services, and indoor and outdoor sports arenas to name a few. Situated in Pirpainti, Patna, Goethals Public School follows the CBSE curriculum.

St. Karen’s Secondary School

St. Karen’s Secondary School is a clear choice as one of the top-ranked schools in Patna. Founded in 1990, St. Karen’s Secondary School has believed in imparting the spirit of love, sacrifice, devotion, and care, alongside education. St. Karen's Secondary School is a minority-run school operating under the Anglo-Indian Christian Institution. The school prefers to have fewer student enrolments so that each student can be attended to individually. The average teacher-student ratio of the school is very low at 1:28. Knowledge at St. Karen’s Secondary School is imparted through modern amenities, world-class equipment, and air-conditioned smart classrooms. This school is situated in Danapur, Patna. 

St. Michaels’s High School

St. Michael’s High School has been one of the best schools in Patna since 1958. Situated in Bajitpur, St. Michael's High School is not just a revered institution for its excellent alumni but is also well-known for its impressive patronage. Currently run by the Franciscan Missionary Society, this co-educational school follows the CBSE syllabus and has devoted itself to instilling in its students the values of compassion, commitment, competence, and conscience. The school follows the Christian social ethic for the academic and personality development of the students. With a massive student strength of 3200, ST. Michael’s High School is an ideal institution complete with all the modern amenities and a world-class faculty. 

Carmel High School

Carmel High School in Kidwaipuri, Patna is not just one of the oldest schools for girls in Patna, but it is also one of the finest institutions for imparting modern and holistic education to its students. Over the years, Carmel High School has upheld the highest educational standards set by Sister Josephine and Sister Theodosia. Presently, the school is open to enrolling students from nursery to grade XII, and the education followed here is the current CBSE curriculum. 

Sadguru Educational Academy

Operating since 2021, Sadguru Educational Academy is situated in the Bakhtiyarpur region of Patna. Though the school is just a year old, it has already won public confidence as one of the top 10 schools in Patna. At Sadguru Educational Academy, it is not just your child’s educational progress that is looked after and cared for. Instead, Sadguru Educational Academy believes in the overall development of its students and hence also puts special emphasis on self-reliance, personality development, and discipline. Keeping up with modern technologies, Sadguru Educational Academy makes use of smart classrooms to impart knowledge to its promising pupils.


The best education for your child

So, if you are looking to get your child admitted to any of the above-mentioned top 10 best schools in Patna, act fast since these schools are set to open admissions to new students for the academic session 2024-2025. Find more information about schools in Patna on Skoodos.

Published on: 01 Oct 2022
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