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Ess Ess Convent Senior Secondary School: Successful Education SystemThat Brings All round Child Development

Ess Ess Convent Senior Secondary School: Successful Education SystemThat Brings All round Child Development

The big School from Agra drives the successful education plan that brings success. The school focuses on bringing discipline and life skills through the fusion of mind and brain to develop the character and focus formation of decisive character formation disciplinary values. 

The urge comes from community service values that become natural through the teaching, and pedagogy that brings in the topics of developing child psychology for better educational inclusiveness leads to the development of skill sets. 

Sharing the responsibility is being taught with the values from the topics of Community Development. All students learn life skills from the opportunities of inclusive education.

The mutual understanding creates a sense of unity as all members of the community share equal responsibility for improving the world in which we stay, survive, and live.

The institute's faculty arrangement is planned as per subjects and skills taught as the primary education level of the teacher is postgraduation. 

The Directors of the institute focus on the institution's growth through contributions from the teaching faculties, efficient management, infrastructure, teaching facilities, and curricula. Focus is always on the performance base success of the student's progressive, multiple intelligent education programs.

'Quality and value-based education promote democratic ideals and respect for all cultures, religions, people, and ideologies. To accomplish great things, we must act and dream, plan and believe.'

The schools present opportunities to participate, learn and take forward the spirits of sports and extracurricular activities. The school infrastructure has well-designed amenities for sports activities, and vocational events participation is made compulsory.

 The diverse activities planning is through skills development classes involve learning and training for debates and extempore, dance classes, drawing, painting, singing, enactments, dramatic, skill development, writing skills, yoga, social science, Indoor, outdoor games, rangoli, quiz, educational tours, and exhibitions.

The personality development aspect is inculcated through training and active teaching-learning process methods involving students in extracurricular and sports activities. 

Awards and recognitions for the students are in the mainstream for motivation. There are various categories and themes which become an inspirational objective for the students. Through merit certificates, awards, and prizes for students' achievement and extraordinary academic pursuits, the school honours.

The famous award and recognition category are Proficiency prizes for excellent academic performances in primary and middle school sections.

 Scholar cup for excellence in subjects meant for secondary and higher secondary classes. Cups, Medals, and Certificates are given for co-curricular and extracurricular records and achievements.

Mr Vivek Agarwal is the institution's Principal and feels excellent about every parent's involvement that embarks on a beautiful, exciting journey with the school. The emphasis is on the togetherness with the students to nurture and educate the child.

The school's motto is 'Quality education for all in a happy and happening environment.'

Published on: 28 May 2022
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